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SIMATIC FM 458-1 DP integrated in SIMATIC S7-400
Designed for high-performance and user-configurable closed-loop control tasks in the SIMATIC S7-400.
Can be adapted to individual requirements as required, such as: 
  • Controlling, computing, closed-loop control as well as motion control. Can therefore be used flexibly for a wide variety of applications.
  • Extensive library with approx. 300 function blocks: 
  • E.g. simple functions such as AND, ADD and OR through to complex GMC (general motion control) blocks as virtual master or gear functions.
  • User-friendly graphical configuration with the SIMATIC engineering tool CFC (Continuous Function Chart) and the D7-SYS add-on software package: 
  • Optimum code generation by the compiler, therefore SCL is not required.
  • PROFIBUS DP interface onboard.
SIMATIC FM 458-1 DP is based on more than 15 years experience with high-performance control systems and combines this know-how with the advantages of SIMATIC – the leading automation system for decades. In contrast to other function modules with static structures/functions, the FM 458-1 DP application module can be configured flexibly and adapted to individual requirements.

The FM 458-1 DP application module from the SIMATIC S7-400 system is available for mechatronic solutions with high cycle rates, especially in the production, packaging and printing machine industries.
Together with two additional plug-on expansion modules, the FM 458-1 DP permits a wide range of highly dynamic applications particularly at the drive level.
For example, torque, speed, positioning and position controls can be implemented for:
  • Converter-fed DC and three-phase drives
  • Winders with tension/dancer controls, coilers
  • Multimotor drives, "unbreakable" electrical shaft
  • Complex setpoint inputs, e.g., for cross cutters/flying saws, gearbox/motor test stands
  • Hydraulic drives with high dynamic response in presses