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As a unique power supply system with complete integration in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), SITOP PSU8600 sets new standards in industrial power supplies. The benefits of this integration are not only apparent during engineering in TIA Portal but also result in reliable operation. Voltage and current response thresholds can be set individually for each output of the power supply system, and selective monitoring of each output for overload results in fast fault location. Depending on requirements additional modules from the modular system, such as are used for buffering short power failures, can be added without wiring overhead.
Comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance information is available via PROFINET. It can be evaluated directly in SIMATIC S7 and visualized in SIMATIC WinCC. Optimal support is also provided for energy management of plant or machines: From the acquisition of energy data from individual outputs, the specific activation and deactivation of outputs via PROFIenergy, to direct integration in power management systems.
  • Reduced space requirement and costs due to multiple integrated outputs with selective monitoring
  • Individually configurable outputs (no need for additional power supply for 5 V, 12 V or 15 V)
  • Compensation for power losses can be set separately for each output
  • Narrow width without lateral installation clearances
  • Low temperature rise in the control cabinet due to very high efficiency
  • If required, extra units from the modular system (more outputs, buffer module) can be added without wiring effort
  • Reliable operation due to bridging of short-term power failures
  • Two integrated Ethernet/PROFINET ports (no external switch required)
  • Complete integration in TIA requires less time and reduces costs during configuration (TIA Portal) and in operation
  • SIMATIC S7 function blocks for easy integration in STEP 7 user programs
  • Fast integration in operator control and monitoring with WinCC faceplates
  • Preventive maintenance reduces downtimes
  • Energy savings during breaks through targeted switching of outputs
  • Easy integration in energy management systems (PROFIenergy protocol)