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Siemens Building Technology (SBT)

Siemens Building Technology Department is one of the largest suppliers of equipment and solutions for ensuring safety and maintaining comfortable conditions in buildings. By automating life support systems for the production, distribution and consumption of energy within a building, comfortable conditions are created for people in terms of temperature, humidity, air quaility, and room lighting.

The Department's products include a full range of equipment and devices:

  • sensors, termostats, control valves, air damper drives, frequency converters, various controllers, including for OEM manufacturers.

  • everything necessary for building fire safety in buildings and structures: fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing control and collection of the information and processing systems.

As a leader in providing energy-saving opportunities in heating systems, general ventilation, central air conditioning and room lighting and having significant experience in this area, the Siemens Building Technology offers solutions and services for monitoring and managing buildings in order to increase the efficiency of resource using. For large projects, the program is implemented step by step:

  • Concept development and an example of the implementation of a monitoring system for the consumption of resources for each of the objects;

  • Creation of a centralized resource consumption control system for all facilities;

  • Analysis of the accumulated information and the development a set of events to improve energy efficiency;

  • System monitoring after modernization for controling results and further optimization.

Consumption of resourcces in accordance with the real needs of the building alows to talk about the savings achieved and a significant step towards an "intelligent building".

The automation complex of all engineering systems integrated into a single information space with a single dispatch center is another one more step towards creating an "intelligent building". In such building "smart" systems are used two principles in their work: an individual approach while maintaining an optimal microclimate in individual rooms and controlling energy consumption in strict accordance with actual demand. Its allow to reduce 30% of the energy consumption without compromising comfort and also helps to simplify maintenance of engineering systems and to reduce greenhouse emissions. Special solutions allow to create and to configure automation systems for various types and purposes engineering equipment of buildings including public, office and administrative; there are also specialized solutions for climate control in "clean rooms" including in the pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals, in clinincs and in maternity hospitals.

Security system solutions allow to create optimal systems to ensure security at any level from a small office or apartment building to large distributed facilities located in different cities and countries. The development of production and the introduction of innovations are the basis of the development strategy. The current trend is that security systems are no longer just a costly article for investors with the competent implementation of an integrated approach their infiltation can increase profits from the realization of construction projects, reducing the costs of operating and maintaining systems.  

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