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The warehouse on the website of ADVENTA is a database of technical available equipment , presented in the form of a table with a search system by vendor code:
  • Updating the warehouse on the website occurs every 1-3 days. The exceptions are holidays, in this case, the warehouse updating will exceed the specified time.
  • It is possible for customer to download available equipment. Downloadable available products are the vendor code and quantity of this product withous price and description.
  • Search for available equipment by vendor code.

The advantage of searching the warehouse of the proposed system is the multiple paste of positions. Please do not forget to reset the search with the "Update" with each new paste of positions. In addition, using the "Update", you will return the original view of the warehouse. 

In the case of adding a position, there will appear the basket with a total amount. By clicking the basket, you will go to the b2b service that in fact is a service for making a request for the equipment you need, having formed products, you can request them.


Please note that on the warehouse page you can display the entire warehouse on one page by selecting "All". In this case, you can search the warehouse by pressing Ctrl + F or F3. In some cases, this method will be more convenient than the system proposes.