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Data Transfer with New SCALANCE XC200!

Gigabit networks provide requirements for the collection, aggregation and processing of a large amount of information, transmission to the cloud and the using of information security aspects. With the new SCALANCE XC-200 industrial switches, you can deploy a gigabit SPD in simple steps. Integration can be carried out using the TIA Portal, diagnostics and configuration of devices and connections via SINEC NMS which is network infrastructure management system. 5 year standard equipment warranty!

The composition of the promo includes the following products:

2x SCALANCE XC206-2SFP G Switch

1x SCALANCE XC208G Switch

3x Flashcard C-PLUG

1x  IE RJ45 Port Blocker

4x IE FastConnect TP 4x2 2m Cabel

*An order is possible only for one company 1 time until 09/30/2019

Vendor Code 6GK5206-2GS00-0AP1